Wednesday, October 2, 2013


NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD ON SATURDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2013, 1.30 pm at Meadowbank Community Centre, 29 St Johns Rd, Meadowbank

Unfortunately, Meemee is unable to do a talk on owning a restaurant as she is has other arrangements on the day.

However, one of our members, Patrick Edwards has kindly stepped in, Patrick will be doing a talk on one of many trips he has visited in the past
Driving To London
In April 2006 Patrick and Colleen Edwards set off to drive from Sydney to London. The idea was to drive across Australia to Darwin, take a ferry to East Timor and inter-island ferries through Indonesia to Singapore and then drive overland from Singapore through Malaysia, Thailand Laos and China. They would drive on the Karakorum Highway over the Himalayas from China to Pakistan and on through Iran and Turkey, then across Europe to England.
Things didn’t always go according to plan and they had plenty of adventures along the way. The journey from Singapore to London took six months! Some highlights:
·                   They were robbed in Australia
·                   Offered heroin in Laos
·                   Met the most honest man in China
·                   Arrested in Pakistan
·                   Most bizarre interrogation by an Iranian immigration official
·                  Almost refused entry into Romania (because the Romanians couldn’t distinguish between Austria and Australia).
·                   Visited Oscar Schindler’s factory in Krakow

·      Please come along, friends are welcomed to come along.  Also new members are always welcomed.
·       Registration costs:       To cover costs of hall hire
·       NZCA Members: $2.00
·       Non Members:            $3.00
·       A Raffle will be held during the afternoon:
·       $1.00 for 1 ticket or $2.00 for 3 tickets (No obligations to purchase).
·       For further enquires: please contact Myra Lowe on
      444 0717 after 7.00pm.
·        OR:  email:

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