Monday, March 11, 2013

Photos from Brian and Gillian Young

Here are some photos I took on the Coromandel bus trip on Saturday. It was a great trip, very enjoyable for the big group of 47 people. Took over 3 hrs. to reach Driving Creek which is a few miles from Coromandel township. Good to see the art work during the train ride and also in the gallery near the train station. We were privileged to be able to meet Barry Bricknell who is the engineer and artist who spent over 30 yrs. building the railway. He is now 77yrs.old and lives in his home attached to the gallery at Driving Creek. He allowed us all to walk through his house (designed by Ron Sang) to see his recent art work- pottery, glassware and paintings. 

The Waterworks park, which was located a few miles from Driving Creek, is a fun park with many clever inventions and water features set up for the amusement of children and adults alike. We enjoyed trying out the different activities after having our lunch on site. 

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