Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Rainforest train trip on 12th November 2011 proved popular. The train was smaller
than anticipated, and with firm instructions to keep head and other body parts inside, all
squeezed into the carriages. Wending up the Waitakeres through the rain forest it was a
thrill to see an abundance of cave wetas and glow worms. After a stop to take photos from
the bridge, the train arrived at the Upper Nihoputu Dam, where some hardy souls
climbed the stairs to the top of the Dam. After the train trip, it was off to Arataki
Visitors centre for a picnic lunch and panoramic views; followed by a tour of ’Earthsong’ in Ranui, to learn about the lifestyle of the self-sufficient community. The residents are very conscientious with
recycling and limiting use of cars by walking, cycling or taking public transport whenever possible. No electricity is used for cooking or heating, only natural gas

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